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About The Product

The use of medicinal herbs is sometimes misunderstood and is often ridiculed by many within the medical profession. Rather than studying the history of herbal medicines, many of the young doctors choose to ignore it in favor of high-tech, high-priced pharmaceuticals that are supported by millions of dollars of advertising.

We believe that there is a place for medicinal herbs right along side the thousands of synthetic drugs on the market today.

Because of constraints placed on us by the FDA, we are unable to make any claims regarding the use of these herbs. Please check out the books in your health food store, or look on the internet to see why actual users of these different herbs use them.

We recommend that you buy a good book on herbs if you want to explore the history of their varied uses.

Our recipe is not a cure-all. Different herbs and cider vinegar affect each of us differently. It may affect you in one way, while your friend or spouse may have a totally different experience.

We can't tell you precisely how the herbal tinctures are made but be assured we use low-temperature percolation methods that insure that all of the nutrients and other good stuff is not destroyed in the process. We follow the old handwritten instructions precisely so that our recipe is just like what Grandma used to make.

We feel so strongly that you will like our recipe, we offer a no-nonsense MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you try it for sixty days and you don't think that it has helped you in some way, simply return the bottle and your receipt to the store where you bought it and get a full refund.

Please tell your friends about it, that's the only way we advertise.

  • Our product is an old fashioned recipe containing aged apple cider vinegar and fourteen herbs and spices and made using an old mountain recipe.
  • Our recipe has been around a long time. We have thousands of satisfied customers using it. It has never been advertised or promoted as the latest "miracle of the month".
  • It contains no added sugars, and NO ALCOHOL.
  • The ginseng used in our recipe is 100% wild-grown Kentucky Mountain Ginseng, the best in the world.
  • All of our herbs are either organic or wild-crafted. No pesticides or chemicals are used in their growing or processing.

Many of our customers enjoy using our recipe first thing in the morning. It gives them an eye-opening boost that carries them through the day.

When you first start using our recipe, you may experience a cleansing of your bowels. While this is a normal occurrence, you may want to decrease your daily intake to about half of what's suggested on the label to minimize any discomfort from the cleansing effect.
Aged apple cider vinegar develops a slimey substance in it called "Mother". It's harmless, but some people just don't like the thought of drinking it.  We advise that you shake the bottle before each use so that the mother stays broken up and doesn't combine with the herbal residues to make it look like something is swimming in it.

We recommend using the recipe everyday.
If the taste of vinegar bothers you or you think the taste is a little strong, just mix it with water, fruit juice, or other liquid.

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