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Want to become a Stocking Dealer? If you currently have a retail establishment and would like to become a dealer, please contact us. You don't need to be a health food store or a market. We have many dealers including repair shops, furniture stores, gift shops, and many other types of stores. CONTACT US to learn how to be a stocking dealer.
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Want to become a Home Dealer? Over the years, we have had many individuals who liked our product so much, they wanted to sell it to their friends, families, and business associates. To help these people out, we started our Home Dealer program. There is a minimum purchase, but there is no requirement that you buy a specified amount of product each month. Most home dealers live in areas that are a long distance from a displaying dealer. CONTACT US to learn more about becoming a Home Dealer.  Go to our ORDER page for more info.

Want to become a Stocking Distributor? There are many areas in the country where we have very few or no dealers. If you would like to start a distribution business that would require minimum investment, a Stocking Distributorship may be of interest to you. We define a Stocking Distributor as a business that sells our product to retail stores. The Stocking Distributor buys product from us in pallet quantities and resells the product in case quantities to retailers. CONTACT US if you would like to know more about becoming a Stocking Distributor.
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